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Congratulations on the opening of Jiang Xi Sheng XinChengHui Circuit Co., Ltd. website

Czas:2023/4/15 Opublikowane:Shenzhen Zirconn Ltd
       Jiang Xi Sheng XinChengHui Circuit Co.,Ltd  was established in 2008 and became a listed company in Ganzhou xinfeng in 2011.It is a high-tech private enterprise specializing in the manufacture of printed circuit boards.

    It is composed of rigid printed board business division and flexible printed board business turn for low / medium & high-layer PCB as well as mass production for large volume. Meantime, on the basis of manufacturing traditional rigid PCBs,The company has more than 1000 employees, middle and senior managers, more than 50 engineering and technical personnel with an annual capacity of 400,000 square meters. Its products have been widely used in communication equipment, automobile, computer, medical equipment and other fields, exported to Europe, America and southeast Asia.Product quality meets IPC and UL standards.Since October and February 2000, the company has fully implemented iso9001-2015 quality system, iatf16949-2016, iso14000-2015 environmental system, QC080000 and other systems and obtained SGS certification.

With mindset of “One design center, Two production facilities, Global deliveries”, combine our professional teams of manufacturing, marketing and management to provide our partner around the world with high quality products and excellent service. XCH CIRCUITposition to become a dazzling star to Sino-industry.

Pre:Method for identifying PCB circuit boards
Pre:As a key new infrastructure supporting the digital, networked, and intelligent transformation of the economy and society
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