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As a key new infrastructure supporting the digital, networked, and intelligent transformation of the economy and society

Time:2023/4/15 Posted:Shenzhen Zirconn Ltd
    important role in facilitating the resumption of work and production, epidemic prevention and control, but also in promoting consumption, stabilizing investment, and fostering new drivers of economic development. , There is huge potential in helping the economy shift and upgrade. 5G has become the "excellent force" of the "new infrastructure".
   With the transfer of downstream consumer electronics manufacturing in Europe, America, Japan and other countries and regions to mainland China and the continuous increase in labor costs, mainland China has become the world's largest and fastest-growing PCB manufacturing base. In 2019, China's PCB output value is approximately 33.744 billion U.S. dollars. According to forecasts, China's PCB output value will reach 40.556 billion U.S. dollars by 2023, accounting for 54.25%. China's PCB market is developing rapidly, and the growth rate exceeds that of the global industry. Among them, the new infrastructure represented by 5G is indispensable.

    Among PCB boards, high-frequency and high-speed PCBs account for a large proportion, and these circuit boards are mainly used in 5G base stations.
   The new infrastructure represented by 5G will surely bring about the rapid development of the industry chain related to the PCB industry. The next two to three years will be a period of large-scale incremental construction of new infrastructure; there is no doubt that this will definitely drive China's PCB industry The inward-rolling and steady growth of enterprises. As the core representative of high-end PCB prototype express manufacturers, Fubon Circuits will undoubtedly benefit greatly from this round of growth.
    The road is long and long, and the spark of China's new infrastructure has begun. Although there are many challenges ahead, there are many opportunities, and the spark will eventually start a prairie fire. "Fubon Circuits" will also follow the general trend, and on the vast road that promotes the upgrading of China's manufacturing and the independent innovation of high-tech industries, they will not only gallop, but each make their own contributions
Pre:Congratulations on the opening of Jiang Xi Sheng XinChengHui Circuit Co., Ltd. website
Pre:In recent years, my country's new infrastructure industry represented by 5G, data centers, artificial intelligence, and industrial Internet has developed rapidly and changes with each passing day.
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